ISLA Training Seminar / Certification Course San Diego March 18-20, 2022

DAY 1 – Friday, March 18:

Check in time: :7:30AM

8.00am: Welcome Note

8.15am: Michael Weber, MD: Basic Principles and Cellular Effects of Modern Laser Therapy

9.00am: Michael Weber, MD: Topical Laser Applications in Pain Therapy and Transcranial Applications

9.45am: Coffee Break

10.15am: Michael Weber, MD: Interstitial and Intra-articular Laser Therapy for Spinal and Joint Disorders

10.45am: Bruce Fishman, MD (USA): Laser Therapy in Orthopedics

11.30am: Michael Weber, MD: Systemic (Intravenous) Laser Therapy

12.15: Eric Schoen, ND (USA): Clinical Applications of Intravenous Laser Therapy

12.45: Lunch Break

1.45pm: Luis Martinez, MD (USA): Peptides and Laser Therapy

2.30pm: Michael Weber, MD: Photodynamic Cancer Therapy

3.30pm: Jennifer Miele / Michael Karlfeldt, ND (USA): Case Reports on Photodynamic Therapy

4.00pm: Coffee Break

4.30pm: Michael Weber, MD / Robert Weber, MSc / Martin Junggebauer, MSc: Anti-microbial Photodynamic Thereapy (aPDT) for Viral, Bacterial and Parasitic Infections

5.15pm: Paul Anderson, ND: Introduction to IV Photobiomodulation (Preview for Day 2)

DAY 2 – Saturday, March 19:

8am: Michael Weber: Introduction

8.15-9.45: Paul Anderson, ND (Part 1): Basics of IV Photobiomodulation – Concepts, Equipment and Timing with Basic Examples

9.45 Coffee Break

10.15 Paul Anderson, ND (Part 2): Clinical Photobiomodulation with Protocol Examples, Drug Combinations and Laser Timings

11.45 Paul Anderson, ND (Part 3): Metabolic Oncology Approach with Laser Therapy Enhancements

12.15 Lunch

1.30 Nasha Winters, ND: Metabolic Oncology Therapy Concepts 

3.00 Matthias Wojcik, PhD (Germany): Nano ICG for Advanced Photodynamic Cancer Therapy

3.30 pm: Coffee Break and ReCap for Test

4.30 pm: Final Certification Test


DAY 3 – Sunday, March 20: Limited Space Available

Hands-On Practical Training with Private Q&A ( Hosted by Dr. Winkler, Carlsbad).

Check In: 8:45am

Start time 9:30am

Finish time: 4PM