Booth Contract

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Standard Booth

Cost: $3,450*
10 x 10 booth
*Fee includes 2 representatives.
Additional staff will be charged $475 to cover food & beverage for entire conference
Includes: 10 x 10 booth, Carpet, 2 chairs and 1 wastebasket. Top linen and front skirting

Drayage, Decoration, Labor, Guard/Security Service, Cleaning or Janitorial Services, Electrical, Gas, Water, Internet Connection, Telephone Connection.

The space contracted for is to be used solely by the exhibiting company whose name appears on the Exhibitor Contract below and it is agreed that the exhibitor will not sublet or assign any portion of same.

ISLA2023 reserves the right to refuse acceptance of an exhibitor/sponsor application, if there’s a commercial conflict of interest with the Title Sponsor. Under such circumstance, no deposit will be taken.

In order for your chosen space to be reserved, ISLA2023 require a non-refundable payment in full. On receipt, ISLA2023 will secure that position for the exhibiting company and commence marketing your presence in such areas as the official conference website.

ISLA2023 reserves the right to cancel the contract upon no less than five (5) days written notice to the exhibiting company and to regain the immediate possession of any space and to deny the exhibitor all further right to participate in the Trade Show in the event the exhibitor shall fail to pay ISLA2023. In the event the exhibitor violates any rules or regulations, ISLA2023 has at all times the right to regain the immediate possession of any space.


ISLA2023 reserves the right to assign, designate or change booth locations. Further, ISLA2023 reserves the right to release and reallocate any exhibit space not secured within five (5) days of selection by a receipt of a signed and completed Exhibitor Contract. In the event an exhibitor reduces the size of their display after the Contract has been signed, ISLA2023 reserves the right to relocate the exhibitor to another location on the show floor and/or change the configuration of their space.

The aisles belong to ISLA2023, unless where otherwise noted by ISLA2023. Neither exhibits nor advertising material will be permitted to protrude into the aisles. ISLA2023 reserves the right to control and prohibit any disturbing noises produced by an exhibitor. No part of any exhibit may be more than eight feet (8′) high without written permission of ISLA2023. The side wing displays pipe racks and the like may be as much as eight feet (8′) high provided they do not extend out toward the aisle more than five feet (5′) from the back wall of the display. Any sides, etc., utilizing the remaining five feet (5′) out to the aisle may not be more than four feet (4′) high.


Exhibitors are responsible for coordination and payment of all their freight and labor to and from show site. If an exhibitor’s freight is still at show site at the end of the published hours for show dismantle, the hotel will place that freight with a freight carrier at the expense of the exhibiting company. Call Sharon Phillips on 954.540.1896 for details


No photography and/or videotaping will be permitted without prior authorization by ISLA2023 Show Management.


It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain the appropriate amount and type of insurance to cover their property, agents or employees, from theft, damage by fire, accident, or any other cause. ISLA2023 will not be responsible for any injury that may occur at exhibits or to an exhibitor’s employees, or for the loss of, or damage to, any material from any cause whatsoever, whether in transit, or during the show.


Display or demonstration items outside the exhibit area or scheduling of private functions, cocktail parties, special events, etc. during the period of set-up, show days or dismantle will be permitted only with the written permission of ISLA2023. Neither models hired for your booth space nor booth personnel may walk the aisles of the Trade Show representing or promoting a company product. No canvassing, advertising, displaying, demonstrating, or distributing items and/or literature will be permitted outside the company’s own exhibit area without permission of ISLA2023. No materials or signs shall be posted, nailed or tacked to drapes or walls of the hotel hallways or Trade Show area. No flyers or other printed material will be allowed to be delivered to or placed under hotel guest room doors without Show Management’s consent.


Exhibitor booths must be staffed at all times during the regular Trade Show hours. An exhibitor of the Trade Show, and affiliated agents or employees may not enter another exhibitor’s booth space without the latter exhibitor’s permission. Exhibitors shall abide by and observe all laws, rules and regulations of the federal, state, and city governments, as well as the conference and trade show facilities. All decorations and electrical wiring and fixtures must comply with local fire laws; state and local fire regulations must be followed. Exhibitors planning to serve or dispense food and/or beverages from their booths must contact the hotel.

Contact Sharon Phillips for information : +1 (954) 540-1896