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Company: Nube Health

Booth Number: #15

Nube Health is a specialty health resource for integrative healing, preventative medicine and chronic degenerative issues. Nube Health supports Photodynamic Laser Therapies, covering cancer and immune therapy, underlying infection processes, auto immune, arthritis and disc degeneration, neuro degenerative diseases, MS ALS Parkinson’s and Regenerative Medicine.


Company: Weber Medical

Booth Number: #16 & 17

Weber Medical was established in 2003 after many years of research and development in the field of medical laser therapy.
The company received financial aid from the German government and the European Union in 2004. This support enabled the development of the world’s first multichannel laser system for external pain management. Shortly afterwards, another multichannel device was developed and approved for invasive laser therapy. It uses interstitial optical fibres to bring even more laser light into low-lying tissue layers.
Besides regenerative therapy procedures and pain management, the weber medical devices are mainly used for topical and interstitial photodynamic therapy (PDT) in the treatment of nearly all cancers. The fibre-optic interstitial laser treatment enables the therapist to bring laser energy even into deep tumors.
With the development of the first injectable liposomal Indocyanine green infusions weber medical opened up a new dimension in PDT.  In combination with deep penetrating infrared lasers, this substance produces strong photodynamic effects.
Weber Medical has quickly become one of the world’s leading companies in medical laser technology. Besides the development of new devices, Weber Medical operates treatment centres in Germany and Thailand (Bangkok). With the aim of building a worldwide distribution, research and education network the company founded the International Society for Medical Laser Applications in 2006 (at that time under the name of EGLA). The company is undertaking constant research and development in cooperation with different universities worldwide to ensure high standards and a continuous development of the products.


Clear Mind Neurofeedback System Logo

Company: Clear Mind Center

Booth Number: #19

The Clear Mind QEEG System is unique and automated offering real time photic light technology.  Clear Mind Maps records and processes your patients brainwave activity providing accurate reports within seconds. These reports tell your patients story and offer protocols that stabilize the brain.  In addition, we offer the Focus take home unit which be programmed from the brain map report offering your patients the option to train at home. Proudly Manufactured in the Long Beach California.    “When the brain works, the body responds”