Introductory Course

Thursday, January 30th, 2020

Pre-Conference Laser Introductory Course

Laser Therapy is a globally recognized medical treatment, where research, education and clinical application have evolved significantly in recent decades, covering a vast range of modalities and regenerative protocols. The International Society for Medical Laser Applications (ISLA) has been at the forefront of this educational evolution, with conferences held in the United States, Europe and Asia each year.

The aim of ISLA is to deliver new research, case studies and protocols for clinical applications annually and as such, there is an understanding that those attending physicians have a knowledge as to the history and a basic understanding of laser therapy from topical to intravenous and interstitial applications. For those physicians who are new to laser therapy or require a refresher prior to the main conference, ISLA has introduced a carefully structured 1-Day Introductory Course.

This 6-hour course will provide you with a sound understanding of the theory and practical applications of low-level laser therapy, conducted by some of the world’s leading medical experts. You will then be ideally placed to maximize your education and understanding from the 3-day conference that follows.

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The course fee is $495, and this includes 6 hours of theoretical and practical training, together with lunch provided.

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ISLA Pre-Conference One Day Introductory Program

6 Hour Course